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The gorgeous smell that comes from roasting a tiny seed…

We care that this flavour, which has been going on for thousands of years, is collected and roasted in the right conditions and reaches the consumer with high standards.


Vivit offers its customers special options for high-capacity purchases.


We are always proud to bring you the perfect tastes and create an excellent experience

Uses nature's resources


Is a rich source of minerals


Prepared untouched


Produces its bottles in recyclable PET


Naturally filtered


A great choice to stay healthy

Vivit is a distributor and producer company in the beverages and food sector which is part of Krautz-TEMAX Group. Vivit's main goal is to bring together fine food and fine drinks with its partners. So, Vivit sells all beverages and food products online. Our partners can buy all the food and drinks online wholesale on this website.

Beverages Wholesale

Vivit delivers quality beverages to its customers in the healthiest way, by partnering with the world’s brands. Each of our suppliers is an expert in its sector. We know, everybody deserves to find fine drinks, for this reason, we studiously work on finding the best juice, nectar, table water, spring mineral water, beer, wine and food to bring together with you.

If you look for a beverages distributor to buy health and joy drinks, we are here to help you. We sell wholesale drinks on the website, also we offer discounts for high-capacity purchases to our customers. We work as a bridge between our supplier and customer.

Soft Drinks

Vivit is a distributor and producer company of soft drinks as well. It woks with world brands you to reach quality soft drinks. Juice, nectar, water, mineral water, table water, smoothie, coffee, ice coffee etc… Whatever you want about soft drinks you can find in Vivit. It sells Juice, nectar, water, mineral water, table water, smoothie, coffee and ice coffee opportunities for wholesale. If you want to buy a high-capacity purchase, Vivit offers a discount for you. Vivit’s distributors are really quality and confidential brands in the soft drink sector.

Are you looking for a soft drink distributorship? Then you are in the right place. Fruit juices and sodas made from top-quality fruits are waiting for suppliers and juice distributors who are considering wholesale juice, wholesale nectar, and wholesale soft drinks. In our product range where you can find the best quality drinks, we deliver the drinks wholesale to block pallets.

We are proud to offer the highest quality products to our supplier customers who want to buy wholesale juice and wholesale nectar. We offer a wide variety of fruity mineral waters, flavored mineral waters, fruit nectars, fruit juices to our customers as beverage suppliers and fruit juice suppliers. You just choose your products as the supplier-customer, you don't have to worry about the shipping of the products because we create the most convenient shipping plan for our suppliers and customers.

Our fruit juice distributor customers are the most preferred ones in their own circles in the beverage industry. While selling wholesale fruit juice, we ensure that our supplier customers reach the highest quality product in the best way. While undertaking the distributorship of the quality fruit juices we purchase from our customers, we also strive to minimize costs.

Don't let the quality of our drinks leave a question mark in your mind. Fruit drinks are presented to you, our customers, in the most delicious way, with freshly picked fruits in the season. Our fruit juice and nectar varieties, which will remain on your palate, are waiting for our supplier customers. Choose the soft drink you want and we will send it to you in the most convenient way.


Vivit is a wholesale distributor company of brew. Everything you want of brew, beer, wine, you can find in Vivit. Also you can buy wholesale all the brew drinks which are wine, beer and alcohol drinks. When you order high-capacity purchases, you can also get a discount. We can help you as a wholesale beer and wine distributor for discount

The beverage that accompanies your fine meals and refreshes the hot moments is of course beer. Beer, the beverage of the highest quality obtained from barley and hops, is waiting for you, our supplier customers. We offer the best quality products to our customers by purchasing the best quality products from our beverage distributors who produce the best alcoholic, brewed, and malt beers in their lane. We know that our supplier customers are responsible to their customers and we fulfil our responsibility to our supplier customers in this beverage industry.

Our beverage distributors deliver the beer, which is always the saviour of the moment, to you, our supplier customers, by brewing it with old and special brewing techniques. The journey of beer, which starts with the adventure of brewing the best quality barley and the most delicious hops, first takes place in the bottles and then on the pallets of our beverage distributor and beverage supplier customers.

Our beverage supplier customers don't need to worry about shipping. We know that alcoholic beverages and beer bottles are delicate and heavy, and we strive to deliver your products to you in the best way possible. You can order from our site with block pallets, as well as calculate the weight. Our supplier customers, who will make larger beverage purchases, can contact us.

You should add these delicious flavored beers to your restaurant menus. Our supplier customers do not need to doubt the taste when purchasing our beers. Our beers are procured from the highest quality brewers, which are distributors of beverages and beer. Beer, which is an extremely delicious drink, will accompany you both in your meals and in cooling the hot weather.

Mineral Spring Water

In our store, where you can find the best quality table waters, we ship our products on pallets. We deliver box sets, each containing 6x1000ml bottles, to our customers by loading them on block pallets. While selling wholesale water, we strive to keep the costs of our customers at a minimum level and ensure that they reach quality wholesale water sales in the most affordable way.

Our supplier customers, who are wholesale beverage distributors, consist of the best in the beverage industry. While we undertake the distributorship of the table water source mineral waters we receive from our supplier customers, we do not compromise our beverage distribution quality procedures and we offer you the mineral table waters you want to buy wholesale at the best cost.

We are proud to offer the best quality water to our customers who are interested in purchasing mineral water in bulk. You can buy wholesale water from our store, where you can find exclusive mineral waters, table waters and spring mineral waters. Our supplier customers don't need to worry about how the shipping will be handled. Yes, we know that water is a heavy product, but we deliver drinks to you according to the most acceptable account for you.

Our beverage supplier customers need not have any doubts about the quality of our water. Our waters come to you in the healthiest way with a natural filtering system from special natural sources. High mineral table waters and mineral waters await our beverage supplier customers and water supplier customers.


Good things begin with coffee. We are proud to offer you, our supplier customers, gourmet and qualified coffees that will accompany your most beautiful moments. We offer ideal options for our coffee supplier and tea supplier customers who want to buy wholesale coffee and tea. Through our distributors, we are responsible for being an intermediary in delivering the highest quality bean coffees and delicious flavoured tea produced from the highest quality leaves to our supplier customers.

You will not regret adding calming teas to your menu. We strive to offer the most convenient shipping method to our customers who want to buy wholesale coffee and tea products that you will enjoy drinking with every sip. Our coffee and tea supplier customers can order from our website as many as the appropriate box/pallet. It is easier than you think to reach quality coffee and tea.

As you drink our qualified coffee, you will realize the history reflected in the taste of their beans. Our coffee varieties are; consisting of 100% Arabica beans, will be the beginning of the most beautiful morning Espresso Diamond. Efendim Turkish Coffee is the accompaniment of your darkest conversations, embroidered into a historical noose. 100% Arabica Filter Coffee, which will help you focus. Finally, Special Blend consisting of a blend of the most delicious coffee beans. The coffee production process should not leave question marks in the minds of our customers. The coffees that are collected from the most productive regions through a production-appropriate procedure are packaged after being properly roasted according to the taste of our coffee-loving customers. All procedures develop and progress by observing human and worker rights. We are conscious of offering the best coffee to our supplier customers.